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  • Trademark Registration Filing Costs for Technology Strartups

    Technology startups who wish to protect their brand name, slogan, or logo often include filing costs as among the primary considerations that drive their federal trademark application drafting and filing strategy. Unlike patents which can costs $5,000 to $15,000 to issue, trademark filing costs are generally more affordable for technology entrepreneurs to manage and budget for. […]

  • Use in Commerce and Priority of Trademark Rights in the United States

    Much like in innovation, when it comes to establishing trademark rights in the United States, timing is of the essence. During early stages of the technology startup process, perhaps even in the idea-stage, entrepreneurs reach the point of naming their product or service, and, almost instinctually, seek to protect that name or slogan against future infringing […]

  • Two Ways To Vest Trademark Rights in the United States

    Timing is of the essence in establishing priority to a trademark rights a word, logo or slogan as associated with a seller’s goods or services. Given the importance of priority in trademark law, understanding the various methods of establishing trademark rights in the United States provides an advantage to technology startups and entrepreneurs racing to the […]

  • How Technology Startups Can Establish Trademark Rights

    Technology startups often start thinking about marketing early in the company formation and product development process, sometimes before a product is even finalized. When an idea for a brand name emerges, i.e. what to call the product, understanding the fastest and most practical way to establish trademark rights becomes critical. Under U.S. Trademark Law, the party […]

  • Trademark Registration on Principal Register v. Supplemental Register

    Basis for Filing During Federal Trademark Registration Process, whether an application is filed as an intent-to-use or use-in-commerce basis, an option may arise to move the application on to the Supplemental Register as opposed to the preferred Principal Register. What is the Supplemental Register? The Supplemental Register is reserved for certain marks that are not initially eligible for […]

  • Statement of Use in Trademark Applications

    Trademark Protection Best Practices For Tech Startups What is a SOU and What Now!? Standard USPTO explanation when a Statement Of Use is issued: Intent to Use (ITU) Applicants of Federal Trademark Applications are required to file a Statement of Use before the application matures to registration. In other words, applicants must show bona fide use of the mark […]

  • Legal Issues of Hiring Contractors for Writing, Graphics and Creative Services

    QUESTION: “If I’m hiring online tutors as independent contractors to do part-time work through my own website, what are implications and legal issues?” “How does hiring independent contractors work if they’re doing this kind of online work but live in a different country? What kinds of regulations should I worry about? What are critical things I […]