Sophisticated legal counsel in the areas of entertainment law, trademark law, intellectual property protection, publishing, advertising law, and technology startups throughout the United States. 


      Consultation on all aspects of trademark and brand protection protection and acquisition strategy including trademark search, registration, monitoring, enforcement, and litigation defense. – Learn More


      Protecting exclusive rights of authors and inventors, consultation on intellectual property protection strategy, contracts related to licensing and IP monetization. – Learn More


      Legal and business affairs counsel in all areas of publishing and entertainment law, advising producers, directors and content distributors in contract negotiation and legal clearances. – Learn More


      Expert legal counsel on issues that arise at the intersection of intellectual property law, science, technology, and industry. – Learn More

We handle transactions of all sizes with a consistent level of attention to detail, client-service, efficiency, deep understanding of clients’ business affairs, and the highest professional and ethical standards. The firm routinely advises clients in matters relating to:

  • Trademark registrations, prosecution and defense;
  • Intellectual property protection and exploitation consultation in technology and mobile publishing;
  • Copyright clearance and licensing;
  • Entity formation and corporate transactions;
  • Licensing and IP monetization;
  • Entertainment legal services, production clearance;
  • Contracts related to digital marketing and advertising transactions.
  • Personal and professional services agreements;
  • Manufacturing and licensing agreements for physical goods

Our clients are innovators, developers, and investors in various sub-sectors of the mobile technology ecosystem, including:

  • Mobile application developers and publishers
  • Manufacturers of consumer products and hardware devices
  • Retailers, wholesalers, digital distribution networks
  • Technology-based startups, mobile applications, social networks, SaaS products, and others.
  • Executive Producers, Chief Marketing Officers, and creative professionals
  • Inventors and Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Health Startups
  • Manufacturers and designers in wearable technology

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