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  • Tech Startup Trademark Disputes

    When entrepreneurs and tech startup team begin the trademark selection and adoption process, many important legal and marketing considerations are on the table. A brand name, or trademark, is a word or symbol (or sound, or color in some cases), that consumers use to associate the services or goods provided under the mark with the […]

  • Legal Issues Facing Entertainment Technology Startups

    Entertainment Technology Startups launching products and services using digital media face new and traditional legal issues in business and intellectual property law. Some legal issues facing technology startups may include entity formation, brand name (trademark) selection and adoption, and formalization of ownership splits between co-founders. More groundbreaking legal issues facing technology startups and innovation departments […]

  • International Trademark Protection Under Madrid System

    When entrepreneurs, tech startups, and small business seek to protect their trademarks, brand, or logos, the option of filing through the Madrid System may arise. The Madrid System is an international system of trademark registration, administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a special agency formed under the designation of […]