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  • Trademark Registration Filing Costs for Technology Strartups

    Technology startups who wish to protect their brand name, slogan, or logo often include filing costs as among the primary considerations that drive their federal trademark application drafting and filing strategy. Unlike patents which can costs $5,000 to $15,000 to issue, trademark filing costs are generally more affordable for technology entrepreneurs to manage and budget for. […]

  • Trademark Search and Likelihood of Confusion Considerations for Technology Startups

    During the trademark search and clearance process technology entrepreneurs must evaluate whether a certain trademark, brand, or logo may infringe with an existing trademark in the same industry. For example, if an entrepreneur, tech startup, or mobile application developer was seeking to launch an app in the field of social networking and call it, “FACEBOOX”, […]

  • Software Copyright Protection for Technology Startups

    During the early stages of research and development (R&D) in technology startups and software publishing ventures, entrepreneurs, tech startups, and innovation departments in larger companies design and develop new software that becomes central to the companies website and mobile application publishing strategy and business model.  In other words, this new software is the stock-in-trade of […]