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  • Statement of Use in Trademark Applications

    Trademark Protection Best Practices For Tech Startups What is a SOU and What Now!? Standard USPTO explanation when a Statement Of Use is issued: Intent to Use (ITU) Applicants of Federal Trademark Applications are required to file a Statement of Use before the application matures to registration. In other words, applicants must show bona fide use of the mark […]

  • Why You Should Register Your Federal Trademark

    Federal registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or any state trademark office is NOT required to vest trademark rights. Actual use of the mark has always been the touchstone of trademark rights. However, there are significant advantages to federal trademark registration on the USPTO principal or supplemental registry. Because the use in commerce […]

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    Use In Commerce Requirement of Trademark Registration for Technology Startups

    Trademark registration for technology startups innovating in e-commerce, mobile applications, niche social networks, and enterprise are valued as much as brands in traditional categories. Famous trademarks such as Skype®, Amazon®, and Samsung® arguably carry marketing cache and customer goodwill on par with Starbucks®, Old Spice®, and Walmart®. Trademark registration is essential in almost any vertical, and fast growing tech startups innovating in various sectors of […]