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Corporate law and governance provide protection and structure for company founders. As a corporate attorney in Los Angeles, we provide consultation to startups and growth-stage companies in the areas of corporation or limited liability company (LLC) formation and formalities. Proper corporate structuring is essential for startups seeking capital investments from angel investors, venture capitalists, or other institutional investments. If you are looking for a business lawyer in L.A., contact us for highly experienced corporate governance consultation for your venture.

Due diligence in company and partnership formation can have profound impacts on the viability of company and limited liability for its shareholders. Consideration of company formation in any state requires consideration of several factors including the funding structure of the company, number of shareholders and their country of citizenship, previous agreements between co-founders, and asset and liability due diligence.

L.A. TECH & MEDIA LAW FIRM is a complete resource for corporations and limited liability companies in any stage of development.

Our business and corporate management legal services include counsel to our clients during all stages of the entity life-cycles: from formation, to operation, to expansion via merger or acquisition, and dissolution.

Core Services

  • Consultation on corporate and entity legal and financial structure
  • Entity formation: Corporations, S-corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, DBAs
  • Preparation of corporation Bylaws, Operating Agreements and Minutes
  • Draft and consult on agreements between and among shareholder or co-founders
  • Joint venture transactions
  • Commercial and business agreements between entities

To discuss strategic solutions to meet your corporate governance needs contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

“I knew I had found an excellent lawyer to handle my business formation needs. David is knowledgeable, personable and takes the time to explain everything in detail.”
- Client: Restaurant Owner


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