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Navigating the Field of Trademark Protection: Lessons from the NFL’s SUPER BOWL® Enforcement Strategies

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The NFL trademark strategy is  renowned its robust enforcement of intellectual property rights, particularly regarding the SUPER BOWL® trademark. This aggressive approach, akin to their dynamic gameplays at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs, tech startups, and digital media companies on the importance of trademark protection and enforcement.

NFL’s Vigilant Trademark Protection

Since the official filing of the SUPER BOWL® trademark in 1969, the NFL trademark strategy has been unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding its intellectual property. This includes not only the SUPER BOWL® name but also extends to logos, team names and nicknames, emblems, and symbols, with the NFL holding over 100 trademarks. Their strategy involves issuing cease and desist letters to prevent unauthorized use of their trademarks in sweepstakes, giveaways, merchandise, and other commercial activities without proper licensing.

Trademark Infringement and Compliance

As we approach events like the SUPER BOWL®, businesses must be cautious to avoid infringing on the NFL’s U.S. Trademark Registration No. 0882283. For instance, using phrases like “Load up for Super Bowl” in advertisements can trigger a cease and desist notice from the NFL. Similarly, referencing a player’s name in a product could be considered trademark infringement.

However, there are nuances in what is deemed acceptable. Using uniform numbers on merchandise or crafting slogans with indirect references, such as “Big Game Event” or “Massive Bowl Specials,” are generally within legal compliance. These subtleties highlight the complexity of trademark law and the importance of understanding its boundaries.

The Critical Role of Trademark Registration

The NFL trademark strategy includes a stance on not licensing small businesses, including local restaurants that might use designs similar to Super Bowl-themed products for charity, underscores the significance of trademark registration. This approach is a stark reminder for startups and small businesses of the need to establish trademark priority early on and to be aware of potential conflicts that could arise from similarities with existing trademarks.

Learning from the NFL Trademark Strategy

The NFL’s enforcement tactics serve as a case study for businesses in Los Angeles and beyond, from Beverly Hills to Malibu, Venice, and Santa Monica. It emphasizes the necessity of protecting brand value and reputation through proactive trademark registration and enforcement. Entrepreneurs and technology startups, in particular, can learn from the NFL’s strategy to defend their intellectual property vigorously.

Consulting with Experienced Trademark Attorneys

Understanding the intricacies of trademark law and navigating its complexities can be challenging. Therefore, consulting with experienced trademark attorneys, such as those specializing in representing startups and technology businesses, is crucial. These legal experts can provide invaluable guidance on brand-protection strategies, helping businesses avoid the pitfalls of trademark infringement and ensuring compliance with legal standards.


The NFL’s approach to protecting the SUPER BOWL® trademark is a powerful lesson in intellectual property management. For businesses in the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles and beyond, understanding and implementing effective trademark protection and enforcement strategies is essential. By learning from the NFL’s playbook and seeking expert legal advice, businesses can safeguard their intellectual property, ensuring their brand’s longevity and success.

For more insights into trademark law and intellectual property protection, feel free to contact David Nima, Esq., a seasoned Los Angeles trademark attorney at L.A. Tech and Media Law Firm. His expertise in representing startups and technology businesses can help you navigate the complex world of trademarks and brand protection.

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