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  • How Copyrights and Trademark Registration Apply to Technology Startups

        We’ve discussed the essence of copyrights and trademark protection in previous posts (Copyrights vs. Trademarks Part One and Part Two). But entrepreneurs aren’t looking for a 101 in intellectual property protection law, they are concerned with goals such as protection of unique attributes of their business, and protection of market position. The key […]

  • Copyrights Vs. Trademarks Part 2: Copyrights Defined

    Some can confuse copyrights and trademarks, and although they are both types of intellectual property protection, each serves its own unique purpose. COPYRIGHTS PROTECT ORIGINAL WORKS OF AUTHORSHIP Copyrights and trademarks are both intellectual property assets which grant exclusive rights to their respective owners, but the similarities end there. Unlike trademark law, U.S. copyright law […]