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For entrepreneurs and startups ready to invest capital in their venture, this business coaching package is an invaluable resource to reduce market, legal, and financial risk during early stages of innovation.

– David Nima, Esq.

David Nima Technology Startup Attorney in Los Angeles


TIP-TOP STARTUPS Business Coaching

I understand the challenges and aspirations of fellow entrepreneurs like yourself. With a multitude of tasks, questions, plans, and unwavering determination, your journey is both exciting and demanding. That’s why I am here to offer you a unique opportunity.

Imagine having access to a world-class tech startup business consultant and coach with over 15 years of legal and tech innovation experience at a fraction of the usual cost. Well, now you can.

For years, I have been guiding entrepreneurs just like you, helping them gain a big picture perspective while creating actionable short-term plans to reach their goals. My expertise covers a wide range of crucial topics including:

  • Business plan and pitch deck presentation
  • Funding strategy, capitalization, and valuations
  • Co-founder selection and strategic partnerships
  • Pre-launch marketing
  • The 4 Ps of marketing
  • Lean startup methodology
  • Revenue model and monetization strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Legal due diligence

I strongly believe in empowering entrepreneurs to avoid unnecessary mistakes and make the most of their time and resources during the precious early stages of a technology startup.

Often, it’s not the plan itself that’s flawed, but rather the timing or sequence of actions that can lead to setbacks in product development, wasted budgets, and delayed launches. My mission is to help you navigate these challenges efficiently.

With my Tip-Top Startups Coaching Package, you’ll gain the invaluable insight needed to invest your limited startup capital wisely and maximize your potential for success.

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Drawing on over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, attorney to startups, and consultant to venture capital firms, David core focus has been in technology and intellectual property law. Throughout his professional career, David has advised on over $520 million in startup transactions, consulted several companies from pre-seed to multi-million dollar exits, and regularly works with entrepreneurs and investors to provide winning strategies across the full transaction and innovation cycle, including targeting, due diligence, revenue growth, product differentiation, portfolio valuation, market analysis, and competitive barrier strategy.

David has been recognized as among the Top 30 Most Influential Digital Media and E-Commerce Law Attorneys and has appeared CBS News, ABC News, KTLA News and other mainstream outlets as an expert in the legal and business affairs of tech innovation.


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Great book and materials. Learned some valuable information from it.


David clearly knows trademarks and business and explains complex topics in simple-to-understand terms


David is thorough, informative, considerate, professional, and well-versed in trademark and technology startups. He is truly shocking as far as lawyers go and I’ve worked with many.


This book should be required reading for entrepreneurs. Highly valuable information.

The information contained in this book is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice.

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