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Therapeutic Video Games Are Growing Tech Startup Sector

Therapeutic Video Games Are Growing Tech Startup Sector

As new technologies emerge, the video game therapy industry shows promises in both impact and revenue potential. As entrepreneurs, trademark owners, tech startups, or local business owners pioneer this exciting field, a legal strategy is necessary to ensure the brand is protected from frivolous intellectual claims.

Entrepreneurs and business owners diving into this field must consider IP rights, registering copyrights and trademarks, protecting mobile apps from cloning, drafting licensing agreements, defending companies against IP infringement, and litigating lawsuits in state and federal court. To ensure all documentation has been properly handled, startups must consult with an experienced tech attorney.  

FDA Approval For Video Games and Tech Startups 

The digital landscape has grown tremendously as society grows more open-minded about the potential medical benefits of video game therapy for children with ADHD. FDA approved the first prescription Video game back in June 2020 called EndeavorRx and many more keep popping up such as neurofeedback technology. A new tech startup, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders looking to invest in this industry must first overcome FDA approval, prove the technology has therapeutic outcomes, receive patent protection for the video game. Due to the newness of therapeutic technology arduous scrutiny over software-based patents is common. EndeavorRx was not only a pioneering technology and startup, but its’ FDA approval and intellectual protections give it an advantage in the video game therapy niche. Working with an experienced tech startup law firm leads to not only large success but also counseling with experienced professionals who can guide and keep entrepreneurs safe in this ever-changing landscape. 

FDA approves video games as therapy for treating children with ADHD. Kids are tasked to keep the focus on a moving character while distractions arise. These games are engaging unlike many ADHD exercises and treatments.

Tech Treatments in Technology Startup Innovation 

Therapeutic gaming innovations are mitigating disorders such as cerebral palsy. These tech treatments are fun and engaging for both children and adults with this condition. These games require motion-tracking video game technology, unique coding, and new innovative technologies that are beginning to be invented and refined by top professionals in the field. These games have the patient practicing wrist movements, range of motion, and arm strength. The impact of these technologies is only beginning to be studied and tested by new and pioneering tech startups. This means that laws and regulations regarding this emerging field are constantly being updated and refined. It would be in the best interest if these startups protect gaming IP, company name, mobile app name, product name, and logo. Trademark registration is the single most important thing you can do to protect your brand.  

Child Playing Video Game

Emerging research suggests that commercial video games have potential applications in preventive and therapeutic medicine. Entrepreneurs in the field are using video games as tools of the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental health and other conditions. As exciting as this in the industry is, ensuring proper Intellectual protection is necessary to prevent copyright infringements. Through proper protection, Nintendo of America was able to protect itself from game pirate Matthew Storman who claimed to be the sole owner of the website romuniverse.com where he illegally sold Nintendo’s products. Storman is a reminder of the potential value of trademark claims in gaming publishers’ arsenals. 

These games caused some of the most significant legal cases in the industry. Legal issues range from copyright issues and co-founder disagreements.

Legal Protection Attorney for Video Games and Technology Startups

Working with an intellectual property attorney who is equipped with a profound business understanding, especially when it comes to startups specialized in-game therapy, can be the difference in the business’s ability to scale and grow or plummet due to legal lawsuits. With the emergent innovations in the video game and AI world, working with an attorney with an excellent track record is decisive. Our law firm’s background in the video games business positions enables L.A. Tech and Media Law to be in a position to protect intellectual property, help businesses avoid regulatory and compliance issues, and manage their day-to-day legal concerns so they can focus their energies on creating the next generation of therapeutic and educational games. All brand and business owners are well-advised to consult with an experienced startup attorney and intellectual property law firm in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Miami, or Dallas.

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