Legal Protection of Domain Names and Slogan of Website

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Looking to come up with a domain names and slogan for my website.


I am looking to come up with a domain name for my new website. The goal of this domain is to help the site develop into a brand. That the name will be memorable for users to come back and remember. I have hired a professional company that specializes in coming up with these names as well as slogans for me to use. The concern is that when they provide me with this list to choose from of names to use that another company somewhere in the world is using that name. I need your advice on how I should avoid this problem.

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To avoid the issue of trademark infringement by adopting a brand name and domain name that someone else is using, the best practice is to conduct a trademark search and clearance report, and receive consultation from an experienced trademark attorney on the trademark-ability of the brand of your choice. Assuming the mark is protectable, the attorney can advise you on securing trademark registration, domain names, and social media properties under the chosen moniker, and prepare and file the trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Other relevant considerations may include the company business plan, website development strategy, and the revenue model.



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