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Los Angeles Entertainment Technology Attorney Q&A

QUESTION: “I am starting a digital entertainment business, what do I need to know legally?”

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David N. Sharifi’s Comments:

There’s no business like show business but have no doubt entertainment and technology are big business and there are more good opportunities than there are producers to capitalize on them. As an experienced Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney, I advise clients in various verticals of the entertainment industry to consider some of the issues discussed below. Please note this is NOT an exhaustive list of legal issues facing entertainment companies, and, some of the issues below may not apply. Consultation with an experienced Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney is highly advised. For an overview of our core entertainment law services visit our entertainment law page, tech and new media page, and the startup ups page. Just visit almost any page on our website because that’s pretty much all we do. 

Some of the legal issues a company brokering in entertainment products and services may include:

  • What kind of entity will you form? (Corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship);
  • What sector of the entertainment industry will you primarily operate in? Examples include: film, television, web, new media, mobile, theater, merchandise, art, software, literary works;
  • What products or services will you provide? Examples include production services, creative services, talent representation, content distribution, advertising, marketing services, licensing;
  • What is your business plan, business model, and revenue model?
  • What copyrights and trademarks do you own, or will own? Is branded entertainment important to you?
  • Are you working with celebrities or their agents?
  • Who are you hiring? Employees? Independent contractors? Partners? Joint-Venture? What are the terms?
  • Should you option rights?
  • What are you entertainment financing options?
  • Are you considering crowdfunding for entertainment ventures?
  • Are you engaging in any profit participation deals or revenue share deals? Should you?

These are some of the questions you should answer before starting and while operating an entertainment business or production studio. 

Our intellectual property law firm routinely works with entertainment producers and entrepreneurs on business plans, marketing plans, and legal strategy in:

If you have questions about these issues or would like to discuss your entertainment ventures, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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