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Hershey Trademarks a Symbol of Love

Hershey Trademarks a Symbol of Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches people are looking to share a sweet treat. Perhaps a romantic kiss or sweet chocolate treats like Hershey’s Kisses®. The shape of the sweet morsel is well known and easily recognizable by most people in the United States and across North America. The Hershey’s Kisses® packaging design and logo are well protected by trademark, alongside over 400 Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery LLC Trademarks protecting words, logos, and design.

Hershey Trademarks a Symbol of Love

The Rise of Hershey

The history of one of the most iconic chocolate brands in the United States began in 1876 when Milton Hershey started his first candy company, which quickly ended in bankruptcy. However, Hershey rose to the challenge and founded his second confectionery business The Lancaster Caramel Company in 1886, and eventually opened a branch underneath this company in 1894, The Hershey Chocolate Company.

Hershey Trademarks a Symbol of Love

Legal Challenges

As one of the oldest and most influential chocolate manufacturers and confectioners, The Hershey Company has protected their emblematic brand with hundreds of trademarks including the word “kisses,” when they won a famous trademark case in 2001. This symbol of love is well protected by trademark and the Hershey Company is quick to call trademark infringements whether it’s a dispensary or a snack company (see videos).

Besides their chocolate products, The Hershey Company has extended its brand to other non-chocolate producing businesses including the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, which is also known for strongly protecting its trademarks.

Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery LLC Trademarks

Hershey has successfully trademarked the Hershey Kisses® in multiple forms over the decades, their products are easily identifiable by consumers, and they remain vigilant about any trademark infringements. Not only do their products stay prevalent throughout all major United States holidays, but their trademark also lasts as long as they, “remain in use.” In other words, Hershey Bars, Kisses®, KitKats, Almond Joy, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Hershey Trademarks Instagram Profile

The Hershey Company Dominates Trademark Registration

Why is the Hershey Company a successful brand? Multiple factors have led to their success, one of those factors being their stronghold over intellectual property.  

This Hershey Company illustrates multiple trademark principles important to entrepreneurs, technology startups, small businesses, and digital media companies looking to protect their trademarks from infringement, and establish trademark priority as early as possible in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 
Because priority is crucial when registering intellectual property, having foundational knowledge about trademarks, and/ or consulting with an experienced branding and technology startup attorney, to maximize your legal brand protection strategies is one of the best things you can do to set up your brand for success.

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